Week 8 -Old Tunes Bring New Life

The recording of my DMP and my PPNs offered the opportunity to search for music to make up for my less than enthusiastic readings. What a joy!

In the end, I couldn’t choose what to use for the background so I made several different ones in Audacity. My primary recording uses Climb Every Mountain with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir as the emotional infusion. What power; those words and that melody always brings out the chills and motivates an arms raised shout of Yes!

An alternate which I created has the special audio mix produced by Dr Wayne Dyer called the Moses Code or I Am That I Am. Dr Dyer explained that the words I Am are the strongest in nearly every language and the tuning fork tones in the audio evoke a vibrational state to encourage uplifting and inspirational thoughts and belief.

There are several other more contemporary tunes which as I thought over the lyrics, they are easily applied to my DMP in particular. Like, The Alan Parsons Project ‎– Don’t Hold Back.



Some are born to lose their heads
And some are born to use them
And some will never know their ends
And some are born to choose them

Don’t let your fantasies be blinded by the light
You don’t have to save your wildest dreams for the night

Don’t hold back, don’t hold back, don’t hold back, reach out
Touch the sky with your mind’s eye, don’t be afraid to reach out
Some you win and some you lose
And some will bring you sorrow
Some are born to lead the rest
And some are born to follow
Don’t rely on miracles to open any door
And don’t let a shadow be your guide anymore

Don’t hold back, don’t hold back, don’t hold back, reach out
Touch the sky with your mind’s eye, don’t be afraid to reach out
Ride the wave of destiny
Rise above the crest
And believe everything that happens to you happens for the best
Don’t allow the world of men
To turn your head no more
Cause if you can’t let yourself go
What are you saving yourself for?

Don’t hold back, don’t hold back, don’t hold back, reach out
Touch the sky with your mind’s eye, don’t be afraid to reach out

Don’t let your fantasies be blinded by the light
For you don’t have to save your wildest dreams for the night

Don’t hold back, don’t hold back, don’t hold back, reach out
Touch the sky with your mind’s eye, don’t be afraid to reach out


So, with encouragement from musical story-teller’s lyrics, the Alliance, Haanel and Og Mandino I press forward and affirm, I move confidently in the direction of my dreams as I “touch the sky with my mind’s eye” and reach out…

Week 7 – Struggles With Visualizing Then, A Friend to Talk To

Haanel has been enlightening although sometimes hard to put into action. Focus versus a thousand things running through my mind all pleading “pick me, pick me!” kept the magnifying glass of my mind from burning down the house. Alas a little boy’s dream was about to fade away.

Then, a miraculous new friend, someone to visualize and to talk to across an empty room. Colors come and go but, my focus improves and soon the paper used as evidence begins to smoke. The thrill of near immediate results from focus brings more of the same and soon, it’s alight by only the power of the light and the lens!

I now hold in my mind that lens and that memory of the day I first discovered the power of focus. Fused into my brain with the one thing that mesmerizes all little boys… a flicker of flame. The stuff of legends, scary stories told beside campfires and the ignition point for every 4th of July firecracker.

If it weren’t for the friend of my future to visualized, as tangible and penetrating as a smile, I might never have re-discovered the joy of focus and complete immersion in mental constructs and conversations. And now, like the great Tesla, I am armed with the greatest of erector sets, the most extensive of chemistry beaker and compound collections from the catalog, the power of focused thought! Oh, what a wonderful gift I have found placed under my tree… Thank you Haanel!

Week 6 – In the Flow of Dynamic Giving and Receiving

It’s been a week filled with pausing to recognize and express gratitude for “the gifts that surround me”. Opportunities to see and feel calming emotions and peace in the journey. It’s working folks!

Fall has the woods around our house all atwitter (no not the social media type) with all the animals scrambling for food to stockpile for the winter. They all act as though they are late but, I digress. Several times this week, I’ve been at the bird feeder refilling and one of our winged residents have taken the time to stop and chatter at or maybe with me. When you stop to consider what we are to them, it only begs the question, why don’t we more often consider what they are to us. Everything with it’s purpose as a contributor to the whole and the perfectness that we all, either in harmony or disharmony, have jointly created.

On the DMP and PPNs this week, there have been several new relationships and breakthroughs that just weeks ago would have seemed impossible. I am still not perfect in my execution of the tasks and exercises but, I am getting stronger and more magnetic in attracting the people around me that I need to fully realize my goals.

The first time I read the second scroll of Og Mandino, I completely came unglued. I could only read on line at a time as my heart could take no more. I have since been able to be a bit more composed, even reassured at each subsequent reading. Anyone else have this issue when thinking of the word love and its application to everyone and anyone you meet or come into contact with? It was just shocking how  the bumpy became smooth and the tension became calming relaxation.

When you slip into this flow, you’ll know it! People, opportunities and conversations all seem to contribute to your forward movement. Best of all tangible evidences of the “mechanism whereby you can create for yourself Health, Strength, Success, Prosperity or any other condition which you desire”, are there for the observer in all of us. We just need to look, and look again deeper and more focused on nature (in my case) and bridge from the familiar to the less familiar; until it becomes a friend. Until subby befriends the vision and simply executes on delivering it to us… Vision in only your minds eye, infused with emotion is like exposed film touched by rays of light only needing persistence and insistence to be developed into a magnificent scene to be framed, displayed, observed and enjoyed by all.

Week 5 – Dumping the Drama, Distractions and Taking Flight

This week has been a lot action and even fulfilling of my giving up on an addiction of mine. I have always thought of myself as “thirsting for knowledge” when if fact, many would think of me as an information hoarder if truth be told.

This week I unsubscribed from nearly 300 newsletters, social media feeds and the like to throttle my addiction and create a new thrill. You can’t imagine what it was like to get up each morning and find only 20 emails in my inbox that hadn’t been read! Wow, talk about relief.

Do I miss the other information? Sure, there are still lingering peptides and receptor sites ready for docking and release of that old familiar feeling of “comfortably numb”. The old way was total distraction from moving forward and achieving, i.e. risking failure by attempting to do something to build the business. Moving forward would force me to forego the excuse that I need to know more before I do anything.

Albert Einstein said it best, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

This week the Master Key System and the MKMMA pushed me out of the comfortable nest and into the freedom of flight. Best of all I achieved my very first element, on time, from my DMP in that on or before October 31st, 2015 I “unsubscribed from all non-business social media alerts and newsletters and their consuming weight of “unnecessary knowledge” outside of my goals.” THIS ROCKS!! The freedom that comes from letting go of excuses (i.e. my peptide addictions) is amazing. I am remapping my synapses and rewiring my brain for something better.

Haanel has it absolutely right…
5-28. “All possession is the result of the accumulative attitude of mind, or the money consciousness; this is the magic wand which will enable you to receive the idea, and it will formulate plans for you to execute, and you will find as much pleasure in the execution as in the satisfaction of attainment and achievement.”

Press Release (Interview)

Mach Press Release June 24, 2017
Huntington, West Virginia
Report/Investigator: Zoe Bird

Zoe, speaking into her digital personal recorder says, “It early morning June 24th 2017 and I am headed west from Charleston West Virginia to the outlying suburb of Huntington. I’m headed there to investigate a rather reclusive pair of residents rumored to have an “sanctuary” and built on 125 acres of rolling souther face of one of the mountains there. I’m normally in southern virginia sleuthing the latest incident in Featherton near my home. Several of my friends repeatedly told me stories (many sounded like legends or myths) of these strange people and idyllic lifestyle they had created from nearly nothing to a magnetic, magical place that everyone wants to see and experience. I must admit, I too have now succumbed to the draw so I’m off to see them. [Click (off goes Zoe’s recorder)]

[Click (On goes Zoe’s recorder)] – I am just coming up on the entrance to “Three Pines Lane”, the private road leading to Bob and Vicky Watkins’ house. The lane is lined with stacked stone wall of gray that folks say Bob lovingly pulled from various areas on the property and learned the old way of stacking. I’ve been told Bob is very much like the farmers and mountain men who used to live in these hills, living off the natural plants and using the resources sparingly and wasting nothing. Vicky is much the same with baking skills and recipes that will simply make your taste buds dance with excitement from just a bite or two from her essential oil infused creations from a fresh garden just behind the main house. Hopefully she makes cookies too… Just a minute, a mother dear and her two fawns just ran across the lane only 50 feet in front of me. My friends said the Watkins’ spread had animals all over it but, this is feeling a bit like a disneyland ride with birds, deer and the sun creeping just over the treeline in my rear-view mirror. I can tell this interview is going to be interesting for sure. [Click (off goes Zoe’s recorder)]

As Zoe pulls up in the large circular drive and under the carport attached to the front entry hall of the house, Bob and Vicky appear walking out from the main entrance to greet her.

Vicky: Hi Zoe!, arms outstretched to give Zoe one of her classic hugs. Bob and I are really happy you found us and made time to come out and talk. (Zoe heard Vicky was a “hugger”)

Zoe: Hello to you too (returning Vicky’s Hug), I just couldn’t resist asking to come see you and your place here. I’ve heard so many stories, bordering on fairy tales that the private investigator in me just couldn’t pass it up. One of you family greeted me in the lane; a deer and her two fawns.

Vicky: Yes, the fawns were playing the back yard a bit earlier. They like to case the chickens who run free during the day.

Bob: Hello there Zoe how were the directions I gave you?

Zoe: Your directions were right on the money Mr. Watkins.

Bob: Zoe, please call me Bob, you’ll make me feel like I’m workin in the office if you call me Mr Watkins.

Zoe: Alright Bob. May I use my recorder so I get everything and can listen to it later?

Bob: Sure, That sounds like a great idea. I couldn’t live without my gadgets Vicky is even a bit of a geek herself… though she will never admit it.

Zoe [Click (on goes Zoe’s recorder)]: So, if you don’t mind Bob and Vicky, how did this story and this place all come about? When did you first start dreaming of this place and how have you come to the place where the dream or vision has become reality?

Bob: Wow, that is a quite a pile of questions there little lady. Lucky for you I have practiced this several times and should be able to give you most of it in one pass.

First, Vicky and I have always envisioned having our own place something like this. Often we talked of it but, never really pinned it down to the specifics. We’d find homes on the internet and say we like this bathroom setup or that Kitchen or maybe we like the modern style. Then the next week, we’d spot another home with a rustic style only to quash that one because it was too much upkeep or something other lame reason for dispatching it and not fit for us.

In reality, we were much like most people who wonder this planet, unable to focus and make the firm decision as to “what do I want”. Can you imaging going to a restaurant and trying to order with the decisiveness of a 2 year old in a pastry shop window deciding which cookie they want? Life…, the universe does not work that way.

We went on many years without a firm decision. Then I found a couple of strange people on the internet, one thing lead to another and I enrolled via a scholarship to the Master Mind Experience/Mastermind with Mark and Davene Janususki. Mark calls himself the world’s laziest networker.

In any case, his course changed the course of our lives. Rather, it helped me set the course of our lives. Like I said before, we just drifted, like most of us do, without the knowledge or skills to decide and execute on plans for what we wanted.

That course made me think, think hard about what I wanted and then think again, refine it until it really spoke to my heart. It was a first for me to really dig deep and throw away the wishes and concretely define and write down my vision. Sure the “Secret” talks about the vision board but, only in generalities; this was specific, step by step tutorials and assigned guides who helped me find this in me.

Zoe, have you ever thought you really wanted something only to become almost frustrated that you changed your mind a few days later?

Zoe: All the time, especially if I pay too much for it!

Bob: For most, that situation is all too familiar. That was definitely my experience and my life as well. I fit the classic dreamer description.

This course changed all that. As I said before, it forced me to really decide what I wanted, promise myself that I would have it and then keep my promise. The classic how you do a thing is how you do everything could easily be called the red thread that ties the Master Keys together. You see it all has to do with your mind, what you think about consistently and that which you infuse into those thoughts as emotions. The emotions are the rocket fuel that not only gets the motor running but, can carry you all the way to the destination with almost magical help from your super-intelligent subconscious mind.

Once you set the gyroscope of your mind to train your subconscious to “see” the target or your goal, it is done. You only need to act when key opportunities arise, without hesitation (i.e. with faith) and you will achieve what you pictured in your mind.

I now have a business helping people discover for themselves alternatives to the harmful drugs and synthetic food that these industries continue to push on the public. Those wishing for a healthy, emotionally balanced life are find me or Vicky and just sense, even trust that we can help them; and we can and do.

This place, our home and sanctuary is the example that helps them set in their mind what a perfectly balanced healthy life looks like. Sure, we are a bit out in the sticks but, this same life can be had in the city as well because, their lives, your life Zoe is meant to be attuned to “what you want”. Not what I want, or what your parents wanted for you.

Do you see?

Zoe: Oh yeah, my parents are still trying to coerce me into dropping what I love, even live to do, investigate and solve crimes. And, I may be fond of Chickens like Vicky is but, I need to have my shopping close by and people alot more people to feel in my own “zone” as it were.

So Bob, you are saying that just thinking about what you wanted made all this happen?

Bob: Zoe, there are steps to it and a certain vocabulary the best suits how you speak to yourself about what you want but, yes, in a nutshell “As a man thinketh…” is exactly what I mean and exactly what all the masters, including Jesus have said. It all starts in your mind.

I’m getting a bit restless, let’s walk out into the courtyard for a bit.

Zoe: That sounds great, I’d love to see a bit more of your place anyways. I’ve heard so many stories I just feel I need to see it for myself.

Bob: Great, I spent or rather feel like I spend much of my life sitting so standing and walking is where I really feel great.

(Bob points out beyond the stone patio in the courtyard towards the mountainside)

Now that we are in the courtyard you can see, up on the hill the faint outline of one of my favorite projects and, a perfect example of seeing something before it comes to life. When we first moved in here, I knew I wanted to have walking trails for Vicky and I to keep up our health. So, for weeks I’d come out here into the courtyard and look at that mountain and in my minds eye I would see Vicky and I walking a certain path first to the right then a hairpin turn right near that large pine tree and back towards the left all the way to the point of the ridge. Then I would imagine she and I with our little thermos of warm tea watching the sunrise with the birds all around us and the smell of the pine scent warming as the day began to take shape. Alternatively, I’d watch the same scene only at sunset from that same bench atop the ridge and feel the last bit of warmth from the sun as night began to fall and crickets beginning to chirp as Vicky and I descended the mountains.

Zoe: So how is it that you have been able to move from your prior situation and house near Cumberland, MD to hear with such an expansive sanctuary and time enough to enjoy it.

Bob: That was all a part or a contributing element to my perfect picture too. I created my perfect client avatar in my mind, I pictured many of them coming to me and in particular I saw myself delivering value to them such that they couldn’t wait to share their stories with their friends and associates. I always pictured every transaction benefitting all who were involved or affected by it. If all could or would not benefit from it, I would not pursue it and turned my attentions to another where that criteria was met.

Vicky and I created an online presence that attracted and retained those looking for natural products and healthy lifestyle how to advice. Vicky is also an author and artist so this online venue gave her the opportunity to make that a viable income stream. The key was thinking of the end point first and trusting that the universe, subconscious mind, god or whatever you choose to call it supported us in constructing it.

Zoe: So, I think I get it but, I may have to stay overnight to talk again tomorrow after I have absorbed it. I hear you also have a bunkhouse that deserves exploring. Might I stay and continue our interview tomorrow morning, may after a walk up to the ridge-top bench to see the sunrise?

Bob: We would love to have you stay and enjoy our home, our sanctuary and a bit more conversation about Haanel’s Master System tomorrow after it has has digested a bit. Speaking of which, honey isn’t it time for lunch yet? I thought I smelled fresh baked bread this morning in the kitchen. Maybe we can all have a slice or two with fresh butter and honey.

Zoe: Wow, that sounds great. Thank you again Bob and Vicky for allowing me to talk with you about your place and your journey. I know it hasn’t been much of an interview in the classic sense but, it will make for a great story back in my little town.

Week – 4 – Wrestling with Clarity, Precision & Control Only To Discover Principles

As you all are traveling down the same road, some of us (maybe many) have a hard time really putting a sharp point on what we want. In my case, the blockage consists of so many options to choose from and telling myself that I am only diversifying my “portfolio” of activities to ensure maximum stability in my income and growth. Subby is calling my B.S.!

Subby says that’s not what you are doing, you don’t have the courage to commit to one or two things, to learn the skills and see success as you constantly reiterate. He doesn’t make these judgements per se but, the results speak volumes and remove the cloaking that I so cleverly put in place to disguise my fear of commitment and potential of failure.

Again to Haanel and the understanding that (#4-22) “The Universal cannot express through you as long as you are busy with your plans, your own purposes; quiet the senses, seek inspiration, focus the mental activity on the within, dwell in the consciousness of your unity with Omnipotence. “Still water runs deep;” contemplate the multitudinous opportunities to which you have spiritual access by the Omnipresence of power.   ‘

I have been not shy or or weak, rather I have been arrogant to think that all my planning and strategizing can circumvent the order which is universal to all life. The bible says something similar in Matthew 6 25 – 26…

25 For this reason I say to you, do not be worried about your life, as to what you will eat or what you will drink; nor for your body, as to what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?

26 Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they? 27“And who of you by being worried can add a single hour to his life.

As Og points out in the first scroll, “Nature already has supplied me with knowledge and instinct far greater than any beast in the forest and the value of experience is overrated”. So, I need not depend on gaining more book learning or experience as Og Mandino goes on to say, “Furthermore, experience is comparable to fashion; an action that proved successful today is unworkable and impractical tomorrow.”

Who in the Information Technology industry such as I could disagree. Everyday, new innovation make the experience of today obsolete and of little value. He goes on to say the “Only principles endure..”.

This course, these mentors and these documents and texts contain principles and habits worth of learning well and daily execution. I promise to learn these principles until they are the automatic responses of my mind, body and soul. It is through these principles that my thought becomes activated into matter, productivity, industriousness and a lifelong partnership with the universal to the betterment of all who understand and partake of its wisdom.

I Always Keep My Promises and Build a Foundation Upon These Principles!

Week – 3 – Zeroing In On Our Neurological Chemical Addictions; “Sacrifice” Blocking My DMP

I think I got it this past Sunday when Davene Januszewski was talking about what I could “give up” or sacrificing in order to reach my goals. I the prior week I had been all befuddled by the question coming from my guide and mentor but, it suddenly hit me.

In his book “Evolve Your Brain – The Science of Changing Your Mind”, Dr Joe Dispenza (of What the Bleep fame) shares that we are all addicted to particular chemicals in our brain.

Watch the remainder in the series of 8 videos on YouTube.com

Like spastic drug addicts some of us crave pity, others physical abuse, still others must have a steady stream of attention and will do anything to get it (seems to me this one is rampant with the “reality show” casts).

So, if I combine that with the similar explanation that Mark Januszewski gave us in our first week, I get that I must give up the  chemical that is the foundation of supporting me always being timid and less assertive than I can be. The outward expression (in kind terms) is shyness. For those of you preferring  a real reality show script, its called scared shitless! How is that for embedding emotion and colorful artful expression!

So, my sacrifice is to be not deluding myself that I can be “shy” still get what I plan for my life. The key is to use the The Blueprint Builder (BPB) daily exercises to pound that addiction into extinction and replace it with a super confident and unquestioning commitment to just doing what is required to reach the targets set.

This week alone I have spoken with several rather intimidating individuals (due the their positions in companies) and did not even flinch at dialing the phone. It used to be the standard wringing of hands and wondering how to parse words to sound worthy of listening to or considering my consults. That “habit” is quickly fading… in it’s place is a far more calm and centered “new man” ready to engage in meaningful conversation absent the stuttering, stammering or looking at my shoes routine that may been just part of an act to get my chemical fix.

We all have something we hold dear to that holds us back, What’s yours? Now that you have found the culprit, squash it like a grape and make a full bodies, robust wine of your life and enjoy it with friends and family unhindered by your chemical addictions (bad habits).

Week 2 – Conscious Mind Be Still

This week’s reading of Haanel included the phrase as follows in line 5;

“Ease and perfection depend entirely upon the degree in which we cease to depend upon the consciousness” ~ Charles F. Haanel

Wow, what an epiphany! It is we who believe and obstruct our mysterious mind from delivering on our deepest desires. You know how you had a brother or sister who constantly adjusts the radio channel to get it perfect, or changes it over and over again just when you are getting into a particular tune. Remember how annoying that felt? Well, that annoying little squirt is you (in this case me)! This is the shinny object syndrome we all are infected with due to information and technology overload.

I, in particular, am definitely one who would raise my hand to say yes to an array of symptoms similar to ADD/ADHD. I fall prey to always thinking that new might be better and therefore I adjust my sails nearly unaware that I am strawberry-pieinadvertently changing the order I have sent to my subby (subconscious mind). It’s like that lovely strawberry pie is nearly done and I tell my mother that I want to have chocolate cake for my birthday instead of pie. Dutiful mother that she is, she dampens the frustration and proceeds to get ingredients together only to have me change my mind again just before the cake comes out of the oven! Not only does this dither away time but, it denies she and I both gratitude, a reinforcer of our relationship and of achievement.
In the end, the habit of completing a task and the joy of it’s achievement is denied!

Haanel’s point is that the conscious mind makes decisions and the subby acts upon them as though they are a frim order for that strawberry pie. This is the perfect order of things. You may not see the final pie yet (it’s still in the oven) but, your SOS (Shinny Object Syndrome) then intercedes and alters the order. In the end, you starve!

Focus, repetition, honest clear choices and firm commitment are what is required to have the subby work in the background to assemble all the ingredients and deliver your pie. After all isn’t that what you and your senses, even your soul has been craving?

Once you have made a commitment to achieve something, with absolute clarity, infused with the emotions anticipated at the moment of fulfillment, hush… and let the subby do the rest.

Week 1 – Today, I Am A New Man

There are so many things that have transpired since I started my Master Key adventure this past week (yes, only one week!). Each time I read the words of Og Mandino “… today I am a new man, with a new life” I feel a surge of encouragement and conviction that I have rarely felt. It rings true and further commits me to the tasks at hand. Not the doing for those are but the effects but, rather of the thinking and envisioning of my plans and commitments.

The adjusting of my less than optimal habits, and eliminating those that are blocking my progress has begun starting with the daily routines. I’ve been in stealth mode until just last evening with regard to telling my family of my journey. Several things in my business came together in such a way as to have them wonder what it is that I am doing in my office late and why it is that I have avoided spending time with television as was prior my routine. They will call it meditation for now, and that will suffice.

The creation of my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) has also further energize me in my efforts and my commitment to completing the journey until its final culmination of making the process of replacing bad habits with good has also become a habit in which I take great joy and relish the discovery of yet to be extricated bad habits. With each discovery and prioritization of my weeding out of the bad, a new feature of my future is planted alongside the current maturing man eventually to have its chaff winnowed and purified until nothing but pure and valuable principles remain.

Even the drafting of my DMP only took one pass as the exercises had cleared my thoughts sufficiently to allow focus on those things I truly value and the people I want my life to be filled with. Scattered and confused think to date had diffused my energy and my thinking thus creating a barrier between me and the man I want to be. The Master Key lesson one made that so clear and helped motivate a renewed commitment to recognizing and replacing clarity and focus in place of any fuzzy “goals” I had previously tossed about in my head. These only served as excuses in past as the fog upon which I could lay blame when my ship ran aground.

I stand ready to chart the next leg of my journey toward a life in which I contribute to the lives of others and fill my life with the relax satisfaction of making a difference to those who have done for me or will do for others in the classic MKMMA fashion.