Week – 3 – Zeroing In On Our Neurological Chemical Addictions; “Sacrifice” Blocking My DMP

I think I got it this past Sunday when Davene Januszewski was talking about what I could “give up” or sacrificing in order to reach my goals. I the prior week I had been all befuddled by the question coming from my guide and mentor but, it suddenly hit me.

In his book “Evolve Your Brain – The Science of Changing Your Mind”, Dr Joe Dispenza (of What the Bleep fame) shares that we are all addicted to particular chemicals in our brain.

Watch the remainder in the series of 8 videos on YouTube.com

Like spastic drug addicts some of us crave pity, others physical abuse, still others must have a steady stream of attention and will do anything to get it (seems to me this one is rampant with the “reality show” casts).

So, if I combine that with the similar explanation that Mark Januszewski gave us in our first week, I get that I must give up the  chemical that is the foundation of supporting me always being timid and less assertive than I can be. The outward expression (in kind terms) is shyness. For those of you preferring  a real reality show script, its called scared shitless! How is that for embedding emotion and colorful artful expression!

So, my sacrifice is to be not deluding myself that I can be “shy” still get what I plan for my life. The key is to use the The Blueprint Builder (BPB) daily exercises to pound that addiction into extinction and replace it with a super confident and unquestioning commitment to just doing what is required to reach the targets set.

This week alone I have spoken with several rather intimidating individuals (due the their positions in companies) and did not even flinch at dialing the phone. It used to be the standard wringing of hands and wondering how to parse words to sound worthy of listening to or considering my consults. That “habit” is quickly fading… in it’s place is a far more calm and centered “new man” ready to engage in meaningful conversation absent the stuttering, stammering or looking at my shoes routine that may been just part of an act to get my chemical fix.

We all have something we hold dear to that holds us back, What’s yours? Now that you have found the culprit, squash it like a grape and make a full bodies, robust wine of your life and enjoy it with friends and family unhindered by your chemical addictions (bad habits).


One thought on “Week – 3 – Zeroing In On Our Neurological Chemical Addictions; “Sacrifice” Blocking My DMP

  1. Maybe “the stuttering, stammering or looking at my shoes routine ” is a sign telling you that your calling is a professional grape “stomper” in the wine industry. Just kidding! Neuro-chemistry of the brain. Fascinating! As it relates to sacrifice, even more fascinating. My laptop has difficulty playing video. Perhaps, my desktop gets a chance. What Joe is dispensing promises to be intriguing.


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