Month: November 2015

Week 8 -Old Tunes Bring New Life

The recording of my DMP and my PPNs offered the opportunity to search for music to make up for my less than enthusiastic readings. What a joy!

In the end, I couldn’t choose what to use for the background so I made several different ones in Audacity. My primary recording uses Climb Every Mountain with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir as the emotional infusion. What power; those words and that melody always brings out the chills and motivates an arms raised shout of Yes!

An alternate which I created has the special audio mix produced by Dr Wayne Dyer called the Moses Code or I Am That I Am. Dr Dyer explained that the words I Am are the strongest in nearly every language and the tuning fork tones in the audio evoke a vibrational state to encourage uplifting and inspirational thoughts and belief.

There are several other more contemporary tunes which as I thought over the lyrics, they are easily applied to my DMP in particular. Like, The Alan Parsons Project ‎– Don’t Hold Back.



Some are born to lose their heads
And some are born to use them
And some will never know their ends
And some are born to choose them

Don’t let your fantasies be blinded by the light
You don’t have to save your wildest dreams for the night

Don’t hold back, don’t hold back, don’t hold back, reach out
Touch the sky with your mind’s eye, don’t be afraid to reach out
Some you win and some you lose
And some will bring you sorrow
Some are born to lead the rest
And some are born to follow
Don’t rely on miracles to open any door
And don’t let a shadow be your guide anymore

Don’t hold back, don’t hold back, don’t hold back, reach out
Touch the sky with your mind’s eye, don’t be afraid to reach out
Ride the wave of destiny
Rise above the crest
And believe everything that happens to you happens for the best
Don’t allow the world of men
To turn your head no more
Cause if you can’t let yourself go
What are you saving yourself for?

Don’t hold back, don’t hold back, don’t hold back, reach out
Touch the sky with your mind’s eye, don’t be afraid to reach out

Don’t let your fantasies be blinded by the light
For you don’t have to save your wildest dreams for the night

Don’t hold back, don’t hold back, don’t hold back, reach out
Touch the sky with your mind’s eye, don’t be afraid to reach out


So, with encouragement from musical story-teller’s lyrics, the Alliance, Haanel and Og Mandino I press forward and affirm, I move confidently in the direction of my dreams as I “touch the sky with my mind’s eye” and reach out…


Week 7 – Struggles With Visualizing Then, A Friend to Talk To

Haanel has been enlightening although sometimes hard to put into action. Focus versus a thousand things running through my mind all pleading “pick me, pick me!” kept the magnifying glass of my mind from burning down the house. Alas a little boy’s dream was about to fade away.

Then, a miraculous new friend, someone to visualize and to talk to across an empty room. Colors come and go but, my focus improves and soon the paper used as evidence begins to smoke. The thrill of near immediate results from focus brings more of the same and soon, it’s alight by only the power of the light and the lens!

I now hold in my mind that lens and that memory of the day I first discovered the power of focus. Fused into my brain with the one thing that mesmerizes all little boys… a flicker of flame. The stuff of legends, scary stories told beside campfires and the ignition point for every 4th of July firecracker.

If it weren’t for the friend of my future to visualized, as tangible and penetrating as a smile, I might never have re-discovered the joy of focus and complete immersion in mental constructs and conversations. And now, like the great Tesla, I am armed with the greatest of erector sets, the most extensive of chemistry beaker and compound collections from the catalog, the power of focused thought! Oh, what a wonderful gift I have found placed under my tree… Thank you Haanel!

Week 6 – In the Flow of Dynamic Giving and Receiving

It’s been a week filled with pausing to recognize and express gratitude for “the gifts that surround me”. Opportunities to see and feel calming emotions and peace in the journey. It’s working folks!

Fall has the woods around our house all atwitter (no not the social media type) with all the animals scrambling for food to stockpile for the winter. They all act as though they are late but, I digress. Several times this week, I’ve been at the bird feeder refilling and one of our winged residents have taken the time to stop and chatter at or maybe with me. When you stop to consider what we are to them, it only begs the question, why don’t we more often consider what they are to us. Everything with it’s purpose as a contributor to the whole and the perfectness that we all, either in harmony or disharmony, have jointly created.

On the DMP and PPNs this week, there have been several new relationships and breakthroughs that just weeks ago would have seemed impossible. I am still not perfect in my execution of the tasks and exercises but, I am getting stronger and more magnetic in attracting the people around me that I need to fully realize my goals.

The first time I read the second scroll of Og Mandino, I completely came unglued. I could only read on line at a time as my heart could take no more. I have since been able to be a bit more composed, even reassured at each subsequent reading. Anyone else have this issue when thinking of the word love and its application to everyone and anyone you meet or come into contact with? It was just shocking how  the bumpy became smooth and the tension became calming relaxation.

When you slip into this flow, you’ll know it! People, opportunities and conversations all seem to contribute to your forward movement. Best of all tangible evidences of the “mechanism whereby you can create for yourself Health, Strength, Success, Prosperity or any other condition which you desire”, are there for the observer in all of us. We just need to look, and look again deeper and more focused on nature (in my case) and bridge from the familiar to the less familiar; until it becomes a friend. Until subby befriends the vision and simply executes on delivering it to us… Vision in only your minds eye, infused with emotion is like exposed film touched by rays of light only needing persistence and insistence to be developed into a magnificent scene to be framed, displayed, observed and enjoyed by all.