My name is Robert D. Watkins; my family calls me Bob and online my username on many sites is rdwatkins. I’ve been into “self-help” programs and reading all my life. Even as a teenager, I was always reading Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, hypnotherapy books and goal setting manuals. I often credit those books, combined with my early job experience in the building trades as bringing me to my project management and consulting career.

The Master Key Master Mind struck me as different but, the same as much I had read in the past. It wasn’t until I attended the first session with Mark, Davene and the team that I realized the familiar vibrational resonance that I’ve been longing for for so long.

I grew up in the west, Utah, California and Arizona but, now call the Appalachian mountains of western Maryland my home. I have been in construction, manufacturing, the military as a hospital corpsman and lab tech, in information technology as a project manager and most recently as a management consultant and networking professional.  I’ve seen and heard much in my 50+ years here.

I look forward to my apprenticeship at the feet of those who have come before me and have generously paid it forward to me and my companions in this journey. Feel free to reach out to me so we can build our harmony and maybe share a tune 🙂

All the best,



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