Week 2 – Conscious Mind Be Still

This week’s reading of Haanel included the phrase as follows in line 5;

“Ease and perfection depend entirely upon the degree in which we cease to¬†depend upon the consciousness” ~¬†Charles F. Haanel

Wow, what an epiphany! It is we who believe and obstruct our mysterious mind from delivering on our deepest desires. You know how you had a brother or sister who constantly adjusts the radio channel to get it perfect, or changes it over and over again just when you are getting into a particular tune. Remember how annoying that felt? Well, that annoying little squirt is you (in this case me)! This is the shinny object syndrome we all are infected with due to information and technology overload.

I, in particular, am definitely one who would raise my hand to say yes to an array of symptoms similar to ADD/ADHD. I fall prey to always thinking that new might be better and therefore I adjust my sails nearly unaware that I am strawberry-pieinadvertently changing the order I have sent to my subby (subconscious mind). It’s like that lovely strawberry pie is nearly done and I tell my mother that I want to have chocolate cake for my birthday instead of pie. Dutiful mother that she is, she dampens the frustration and proceeds to get ingredients together only to have me change my mind again just before the cake comes out of the oven! Not only does this dither away time but, it denies she and I both gratitude, a reinforcer of our relationship and of achievement.
In the end, the habit of completing a task and the joy of it’s achievement is denied!

Haanel’s point is that the conscious mind makes decisions and the subby acts upon them as though they are a frim order for that strawberry pie. This is the perfect order of things. You may not see the final pie yet (it’s still in the oven) but, your SOS (Shinny Object Syndrome) then intercedes and alters the order. In the end, you starve!

Focus, repetition, honest clear choices and firm commitment are what is required to have the subby work in the background to assemble all the ingredients and deliver your pie. After all isn’t that what you and your senses, even your soul has been craving?

Once you have made a commitment to achieve something, with absolute clarity, infused with the emotions anticipated at the moment of fulfillment, hush… and let the subby do the rest.


Week 1 – Today, I Am A New Man

There are so many things that have transpired since I started my Master Key adventure this past week (yes, only one week!). Each time I read the words of Og Mandino “… today I am a new man, with a new life” I feel a surge of encouragement and conviction that I have rarely felt. It rings true and further commits me to the tasks at hand. Not the doing for those are but the effects but, rather of the thinking and envisioning of my plans and commitments.

The adjusting of my less than optimal habits, and eliminating those that are blocking my progress has begun starting with the daily routines. I’ve been in stealth mode until just last evening with regard to telling my family of my journey. Several things in my business came together in such a way as to have them wonder what it is that I am doing in my office late and why it is that I have avoided spending time with television as was prior my routine. They will call it meditation for now, and that will suffice.

The creation of my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) has also further energize me in my efforts and my commitment to completing the journey until its final culmination of making the process of replacing bad habits with good has also become a habit in which I take great joy and relish the discovery of yet to be extricated bad habits. With each discovery and prioritization of my weeding out of the bad, a new feature of my future is planted alongside the current maturing man eventually to have its chaff winnowed and purified until nothing but pure and valuable principles remain.

Even the drafting of my DMP only took one pass as the exercises had cleared my thoughts sufficiently to allow focus on those things I truly value and the people I want my life to be filled with. Scattered and confused think to date had diffused my energy and my thinking thus creating a barrier between me and the man I want to be. The Master Key lesson one made that so clear and helped motivate a renewed commitment to recognizing and replacing clarity and focus in place of any fuzzy “goals” I had previously tossed about in my head. These only served as excuses in past as the fog upon which I could lay blame when my ship ran aground.

I stand ready to chart the next leg of my journey toward a life in which I contribute to the lives of others and fill my life with the relax satisfaction of making a difference to those who have done for me or will do for others in the classic MKMMA fashion.